Séminaire 2015

10 juin 2015, Geneva

Governance of international companies and organizations operating in Switzerland.

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09.00 am
Welcome and Presentation of the Participants and the Programme
09.30 am

Main Corporate and Subsidiary Governance Problems of International Companies and Organizations operating in Switzerland

Round Table Discussion

10.00 am

New Corporate and Subsidiary Governance

by Martin Hilb, University of St. Gallen

11.00 am
Coffee Break
11.15 am

Strategic Direction at the Board Level

by Harry Korine, INSEAD

12.30 am
02.00 pm

Strategic Control at the Board Level

by Hans Jöhr, Nestlé

03.15 pm
Coffee Break
03.30 pm

Functions, Competencies, and Responsibilities of Members of the BoD (including Compliance and Risk Management)

by Roland Müller, Trisa and Rega

05.00 pm

Lessons learned…

Roundtable Discussion

05.30 pm